Experienced in the Ukraine, right from the start

According to our motto: “WE MAKE PEOPLE MEET”, the very first activities of the then-to-be LUXPAR partners began back in 1996.

Our Ukrainian branch helped enterprises from such diverse industries as machinery, cars, and shop floor equipment to take advantage of the newly opened-up economy. On the flip side, raw materials and prefab products found their way out of the Ukraine.


Following the initial start-up period our company realigned its product portfolio and focussed on two main areas: For one, the Essen-based matrimonial agency Partnervermittlung Ukraine offers matchmaking services for gentlemen from Germany with an interest in Russian ladies from Russia or girls from the Ukraine, and secondly, we operate fairlove, a dating community for people from all over Europe as a more budget-friendly product.

Humanitary agenda

Besides all commercial interest in Eastern Europe, we strive to help the poorest people in the Ukraine. Therefore, we support the German pro-bono association Foerderkreis Saporoshje, a gathering of caring people who donate goods, money and their valuable spare time to help the City of Saporoshia. We at LUXPAR take it as a matter of corporate responsibility to add out share to the funds of this valuable effort.